Refund Policy

  • XERA is liable to refund 100% of money of application if admission letter of desired university could not be arranged; In such scenario either the member would be offered an alternative university in the same country or an alternative one. However, in case the member decides not to accept these alternative options, the next application by the member will be offered by XERA under “Zero Technology Usage Charges”. In case the member does not have the next application and opts to claim the refund, XERA would be liable to refund the entire amount (post deducting an amount equivalent to the amount of GST, if applicable).
  • The Membership Fees once paid to XERA are absolutely non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • If the student application is cancelled by the member, XERA will not be liable to refund any amount paid towards “Technology usage Charge”. The cancelled application will be counted and debited to your current application balance. (Applicable except pro category plan).


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